Details of Deeds

I think it is safe to say that in general, people say a lot of things they:

  1. Don’t mean to be lies but are
  2. WANT to mean, but don’t
  3. Think sound good but are not 100% true
  4. Used to believe but then stopped but don’t want to lose face

I’m not talking about mountain sized lies, just the occasional fabrication, like when you tell someone they look greatttttttttttt… not because they actually do but because you think they need to hear it. Or when you choke down that weird ambrosia salad that you know who KEEPS making because they think it’s you favorite because you don’t have the heart to tell them it reminds you of fruit coated in sweet vomit…Little white lies…

What if what you said and did was taken to heart, forever, no take backs everyone has an elephant brain? Do you always say what you feel or are you more of a say what they want to hear / what makes me look good person?


Chances are you’re both. Mostly honest with a sprinkle of unintentional (or maybe intentional) lies.

Until I was in high school, I had myself convinced that I hated avocados, having never tried an avocado. FOR YEARS I gave away my guacamole without reservation. I know, what an idiot.


My sister is a vegetarian and has stuck with that for over 10 years. She recently tried transitioning to being a vegan, but decided not to go full fledged while traveling on the WOOF program. Cutting out all animal products (eggs, dairy, etc) can be a challenge when you are not in charge of the menu.


I have another friend who is strictly vegan. She meal preps. She will BYOGB (bring your own granola bar) if need be. She never makes a big fuss about it but happily flies under the radar. She’s a vegan because of her own personal convictions (God love her.. I couldn’t give up bacon.. or steak.. or cheese…).

I also know a few aspiring “vegans” who think they are full-time vegans and are sure to tell everyone about it… not the part-time part.. Technically, they fall into a subcategory of vegetarianism, but they tell people they’re vegan, plus __________. *bangs head against wall*…


It is ok to be a vegetarian who loves animals.. and also loves eggs and cheese… maybe don’t put that on your sign at the peta protest… but call a spade a spade. Stop trying to make vegan + ____________ happen…


The same goes for that lady behind me at potbelly today to ordered a meatball sandwich with no bread because she’s “gluten free”………


I know I shouldn’t have been listening, but along with the elephant brain came the elephant ears…

An elephant brain is great for remembering birthdays, recalling what ate for lunch 4 our of 5 days in 7th grade and the fact that I hate goats because one attacked my at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler Texas at age 6.

hqdefault (2).jpg

I have a tendency to hold onto EXACTLY what someone says to me because I can play it on repeat in my mind. I am very glad that not everyone is like me, because if that were the case, I would still be surrendering my guacamole to the closest available plate. I do still hate goats, and I always will.



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