Details are a fine LINE

I like to think of myself as a responsible person. I know my way around a calendar invite, list, spreadsheet, planner. If I make plans, I am there. I religiously get my hair colored every 5 weeks. I take my vitamins every morning. There was stint of time in my life that I would wake up everyday at 4:30 am to get to a 5 am workout. I know how to stick with it.


So why, WHY can I not get in the habit of a daily facial regimen? In my mind, I am 100% all for it, but I just can’t stick with it.. and I have tried. I have a drawer full of products to prove it. (FYI, this is not MY actual face regimen.. it is someone’s who probably actually used it)


The issue here is that I know at some point I am going to wake up and not recognize my old crotchety face if I don’t maintain my young-ish crotchety face. Someday, probably soon those fine lines will look like highways running all over my face and it will be too late.


I think it can be tracked back to a number of potential root systems:

1. need for instant gratification – I don’t mean this in the conventional sense.. I know that washing my face and putting on a mask for one day is not going to make me look like a super model; I’m not delusional. The gratification I am talking about is getting to check something off the list – skin, DONE, moving on.

The only time in my life I can remember sticking to a skin regimen was freshman year of college when I used pro-active everyday because my skin was going crazy, then once it “worked” I checked it off and moved on.


2. lack of practice – Growing up there was not a lot of focus on “personal maintenance”. Basically we were expected to take showers and brush our teeth. No one was worried about making dermatology appointments to look after our skin. Skincare was OTC. We were responsible for wearing sunscreen or not, so obviously there was not a huge emphasis put on skin care regimens and makeup.


3. lack of priority – On any given day this is my life:

  • wake up
  • let the dogs out
  • feed the dogs
  • either go to the gym or get ready (generally this means, shower, maybe fix my hair, get dressed)
  • let the dogs out again
  • pick up what ever disasters there are in the house
  • drive to work
  • wait 8 hours
  • drive home trying not to yell at everyone else on the road
  • walk in the house
  • greet dogs and spouse
  • cook dinner
  • sit on couch
  • fall asleep on couch
  • wander my way to my bed
  • sleep
  • repeat

The ideal time to insert “personal face maintenance /  skincare regimen” would probably be in between sit on couch and wander my way to my bed, but by that point I’m tired, so I just say I’ll try to do better the next day, but the next day comes and the schedule stays because I was lying to myself.


4. lack of interest – I think part of the issue is that I also do not really “get ready” because to be 100% honest, I am past the point of caring. I look the way I look, and no amount of makeup is going to change that in a good way.

Because I don’t put on a face, I don’t have to take one off… see what I did there, two birds, one stone.. (that would have been much punnier 6 months ago before my name changed.. more on the inefficiency of the government with regard to changing one’s name at a later date).

Plus, who needs to spend all that time and money on makeup when you can just slap a snap chat filter on your face and go! Instant eyelashes and great skin… we won’t bother over the fact that I have a cartoon nose and ears.. details…

Image-1 (1).jpg

Still more puzzling to me, is that it would appear none of my friends have this / these issue(s). They all look cute for work, take care of their skin at night and probably even own concealer and foundation. Clearly they aren’t superficial or I would have been ousted a while ago. I have heard of being a “late bloomer” but at this point I think I have bloomed.. but instead of being a flower, I’m just a newer leaf, fine lines and all.


Long story short, I know I need to grow up and start a skincare regimen, and in my mind, I really want to. But dipping into the first post.. if we only live in pictures and not actual memories, who’s to say this freckle-less cat-eared woman with GREAT eyelashes isn’t really me? On snap chat, I have perfect skin, for meow… 🙂



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